Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mosaics for Softly Against Black

Rachel at Stitched in Color is hosting a mosaic contest
using fabrics from Fresh Modern Fabric.

Mosaic #1
gentle, quiet night

Mosiac #2
Dark descends, the moon comes out, you fall into a deep sleep
Then dream... about picking apples with a bear.
The dream ends and you float in flowers and fronds
And dream again... about school, perhaps taking an apple to the teacher.
That dream ends and you float amongst flowers and butterflies
Then once again dream, this time of the welcome love at home.
Deep sleep comes and you awake to the welcome of sunshine.

The idea is to choose 12 fabrics that interpret our idea of the theme, "Softly Against Black." After we've chosen the fabrics, we use the Mosaic Maker at Big Huge Labs to create a mosaic of our fabric choices. Rachel invited us to write a blog post then use it to submit our mosaics. The deadline to submit mosaics is September 20 at midnight (though she didn't say which time zone). Voting to choose your favorite will begin on September 21.

Oh, what fun to look at Fresh Modern Fabric's selections. I don't shop much so this was like a breath of fresh air to look at all the beautiful fabrics. And I hadn't used the Mosaic Maker before. It's always great to learn about new tools to use on our blogs. The challenge for me was remembering exactly how the fabrics looked as I added each image url to the mosaic maker. (I don't have much of a visual memory.) However, I was able to edit the mosaics as many times as I wanted/needed to.

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