Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Boy

Please indulge me a few baby photos of my grandson.
Wednesday was Malachi's first birthday.  My husband and I
met him, his mom, and our younger daughter at Ikea.

Mali was asleep when they arrived.

After lunch we began looking around the store.  He
enjoyed the toys (sorry, no photos) but was seriously
interested in this red timer, a floor sample.

When we meandered our way to the kitchen furnishings
department, Mali enjoyed playing in the sink.  Putting the
strainer back correctly seemed like solving a puzzle to him.

He spent the 4 hours we were there between stroller, our arms, and
store cart.  There were only two slightly rough spots but we persuaded
him not to cry.  What an easy-going, pleasant baby he is.

Would you say his hair is red?  It usually looks more blonde but in the sun and in this photograph I think it looks red.  I'm sure his hair is going to be red or, at the very least, strawberry blonde.  His aunt, my younger daughter, had hair just this color when she was his age, and now her hair definitely has a reddish glow. 

It was so fun to spend time with Mali, his mom, and his aunt.  Even better is that we'll be spending two days together this week!

Happy weekend to you.


  1. Very precious! Yes I'd say he has reddish hair : )

  2. How very adorable! Thanks so much for sharing your grandson's pictures. And, yes, that hair looks red to me! Son #2 had hair that color, although now that he's all grown up it's more strawberry blond.


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