Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still Thinking about a Second Red & Green

It's not my nature to jump into projects (though sometimes I do) so I'm still pondering about a Snowball & 9-patch in red and green.    If I could only just follow someone else's directions, hook, line, sinker, colors, fabrics, and pattern, it would all be easy.  But not so interesting or fun.  And not so much mine.

The snowball blocks will finish at 6".  That's a lot of blank fabric.  Will my greens or reds be interesting enough?  Or do they need to be interesting?  Maybe they need to be ho-hum and restful.  What if the 6" squares are mostly plaids?  Boring?  But it is a scrap quilt.

How will I fill that 6" space with quilting?  Maybe crossed diagonal lines would work but they might be boring.  I could quilt in a flower, circle, or some circular motif.  But do I really want to draw/trace a motif dozens of times onto fabric?

There's an eye test that uses red and green.  It seems that for some, the letter on the red side is more prominent and for others, the one on the green side.  Is that happening with these drawings?  Do we all see the same thing when we look at these?

Or maybe I should sew two different quilts, one with red and lights, the other with greens and lights....  That would be very safe, wouldn't it?

I'm probably thinking too much, aren't I?  I should just go cut some fabric, sew it together into blocks, and then see what I think....


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  1. This is sort of like the "shopping phase" for a large purchase. Before you buy any of so many nice options are a possibility that you can think about owning, but once you commit to buying a particular one all that goes away...now you can't have all the other great choices.


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