Monday, October 7, 2013

When Inspiration Doesn't Strike...

...I hem and haw and brainstorm for a day or so.  (Maybe it's not lack of inspiration that's the problem but indecision.  Indecision is the curse of the perfectionist but for this post I'm claiming it as lack inspiration.)  If inspiration still doesn't strike after a thoughtful day or so I look at the quilt photos I've pinned on a pinterest board or two. 

This simple 9-patch quilt inspires me.  Yes, it's simple but it's filled with love and beautiful fabrics.  It has a spontaneity that I admire very much.  The fabrics don't "match" but they work together so well.  It takes me back to my very first quilting experiences when I was barely aware of other quilt patterns.  It's a simple, easy-to-make pattern that's nearly impossible to ruin (unless one has absolutely no color sense). 

I have a grandbaby coming in a few months and I want to make her a quilt that's sweet and feminine but not girly.  She may turn out to be a girly girl but we'll let her decide that later.  A new baby just needs a warm, inviting quilt for her mom to snuggle around her.

I found this lovely quilt at Blogging, patchwork, memories ..., a post written by Carolyn Parker where she shares her memories of making the quilt and shows close-ups of some of the blocks and fabrics.  Carolyn is an author, rose gardener, and exquisite photographer.  At Rose Notes she posts photographs of roses, shows how she photographed many of them, and shares photography tips.  I think I can learn something from her about taking better photographs for my blog.

Thank you, Carolyn, and thank you Pinterest!

I'll post my fabrics and some blocks soon. 



  1. I think the planning part is the most time consuming part of quilting...well, consider that I don't hand quilt my pieces. I would guess THAT is the most time consuming. I'm trying to decide on a pattern now for a large print piece of fabric for a friend who likes the modern styles but isn't a fan of super busy designs. I've thought that I had just the right pattern about five times now!

  2. Really lovely nine patch that thirties look :)

  3. I think that is a great quilt and would be perfect for the next time I have a quilt along at church!

  4. You just can't go wrong with a nine patch! It's a classic. Looking forward to fabric and blocks!


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