Friday, October 10, 2014

Cutting Up Fabric to Make a Quilt

Some years ago the women of our church gathered to make quilts and clothing for a service project.  One of the women worked at home with her family and brought an armload or two of fleece blankets to donate.

Later we were talking and she said,
My husband just doesn't understand the point of buying long pieces of fabric only to cut them up into smaller pieces and then sew them back together to make a quilt.  He thinks it's ridiculous. 

As far as I could tell from our conversation and her body language she agreed with him.  I was surprised because I'd never before heard anyone be so adamant against quilts.  But because I don't have a ready wit, I didn't have a response.  A few days later, when it was really too late to say it, I thought,
I guess it's like cutting up long pieces of lumber to make a floor . . . .
Or a table, a chair, a cupboard, or a house....  I guess a floor is more like a quilt because they are both flat.

I feel sad to think that they misinterpret the love that goes into a quilt given as a gift, the joy of sleeping under a handmade quilt, and the beauty of such a quilt.

Do you know anyone who is anti-quilting?



  1. I'm tucking this line away for future reference. It is perfect. The fabric is simply our version of raw materials, stretched out into long lines from the fabric mills from which it hails, much like the lumber comes from a lumber mill. I would dodge this person in the future, as she doesn't sound like a happy quilter, which you deserve!


    1. She is a very gracious and generous lady, Elizabeth, just not about quilts! She moved away so our paths don't cross.


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