Thursday, October 29, 2015

That Moment

I layer a quilt -- top, batting, backing -- and baste the layers together.  I begin the slow, steady work of hand quilting, stitch after stitch, to hold the layers together.  Hours and hours, sometimes months and months, the quilt and I spend together.

And then there is that moment -- that sudden moment!  It happens when I'm near the edge, almost finished with the quilting but not quite.  I realize I'm holding a quilt.  The layers are no longer three held together by pins and long stitches but a unified one:  a quilt!  It always feels like magic and it always surprises me.

Does this magic happen to you?  Is there a moment when you realize the layers in your hands have become a quilt?



  1. You are SO right - that IS an exciting moment! You are finally able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Its such an enjoyable journey! Those plaids just make me happy!

  2. Yes, it does ... and it's one of the things I like best about hand quilting - it's slow going enough that I can notice that moment and cherish it. I wonder if machine quilters ever experience it? That is a gorgeous quilt ... and lovely quilting.


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