Monday, January 25, 2016

The Sun! And Stars

The joyful news today is that the sun made a bright appearance (for a change)!  The big storm that hit the eastern states bypassed our area.  But even so, sunny winter days are rare in Central Ohio.  It was beautiful.  And energizing. 

I spent part of today cutting scrappy pieced backs from behind my appliqued stars so I can add the next layers.

Now I have a stack of scrappy stars.  Six more will be added when I finish cutting the last blocks.

My only stitching was reinforcing the seams where the back had been cut away.  After all the time spent appliqueing I didn't want to risk the seams coming apart.  Is that what people usually do if the background of an applique block is pieced?  (This is my first time using backgrounds with seams.)  I guess I also added extra applique stitches where I noticed the need (because now I'm carefully looking at and evaluating the backs).

I've also been cutting center circles so I'll be ready to play with color placement when the stars go back on the "design floor."  I'll post photos another day.

I'm linking this post to Moving It Forward Monday at Em's Scrapbag.

I hope you're having / had a great sewing and quilting day!



  1. I think it was really smart of you to reinforce the seams after cutting behind your applique - don't want to take a chance of having the quilt fall apart, right? Lookin' good!

  2. I like your pile of scrappy-stars :)

  3. I agree with Gayle better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for linking up. Your stars look great!

  4. Hi Nancy, I just found your blog today via Vroomans Quilts. I am thrilled as I knew I would be as I adore that blog, too. I am curious if you have a pattern name that you would share for your stars with circles quilt. It looks like lots of fun. I like the quilt you are quilting that you had put aside for after surgery back in November. I thought I'd have something to work on after surgery earlier this month - think again. I have my 39 year old son and his 2 1/2 year old daughter living with me. One week after my surgery his 10 year old son came for the summer. I have them while he is at work. He leaves at 4:30 AM S, S, and M and get home about 7 PM. Then he works T and W from 4:30 PM until ?? I have no time to sit and stitch. We are trying to get the children to bed earlier so maybe I can do some hand work. I am so exhausted that I cannot think about machine stitching now. I added you to my Bloglovin'.

    1. It sounds like you have your hands full with physical problems and having family living with you AND caring from the children while your son's at work. It would not be easy. And I know what you mean about not being able to think when you're too tired. That happens to me but, unlike you, I can take a nap. I hope you can get the little ones in bed earlier!

      The quilt with stars is a pattern I created. I just played around cutting paper stars until I had ones I liked the cut them out of fabric. They are about 8", appliqued to a 10 1/2" square (which finished at 10").

      The other quilt, the red and tan one with blue sashing (is that the one you mean that I was working on after surgery?) is also a pattern I created so there isn't a written pattern available. It's a Sister's Choice variation.

      I hope things look up for you soon, Suze. Thanks for following my blog on Bloglovin'.


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