Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Scrappiest Background So Far

I don't often stitch on Sundays but when I have simple applique I'm more likely to pull out needle and thread while talking to my husband or other family members, or while watching an old movie. 

I grew up in a home where sewing on Sunday was discouraged.  One childhood Christmas fell on a Sunday.  I received a doll but nothing to wrap her in so I headed to the sewing machine and sewed her a little cover.  My aunt told me that every stitch I sewed on Sunday I would have to pull out with my nose after I died, so she'd been told as a child. 

These days I cherish my Sundays.  They are days when I refresh and refuel, days when I attend church and come home re-energized and refocused on the priorities of life.  I spend the rest of the day doing quiet activities.  Sometimes I stitch, but usually not.

I still have plenty of neutral scraps for more background blocks.  I don't know why these star shapes is so appealing to me but I like them a lot.  I'm looking forward to laying out a group of them then auditioning layers of circles in the centers.  And I love the color of the one above.  It's not quite gold, not quite brown, maybe more like bronze or copper.  In person it's a rich, interesting color.

I've never gotten the hang of needle-turned applique.  I still pin the edges, at least to begin with, then as I stitch the pins come out and I use my needle to more carefully place the edges.

I hope you've had a quiet, restful Sabbath.

I'm linking this post to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.  Thanks for creating the link-up, Kathy.



  1. Sew on Sunday rip on Monday--we must have grown up in similar situations. I also cherish Sundays for all the reasons you listed

  2. I've always found slow stitching to be a great time to recharge and reflect. My grandmother did not approve of card playing on Sunday's but stitching was allowed...she was a quilter too!

  3. Oh my goodness... if that is true, my nose will be very busy for thousands of years to come! LOL
    Enjoy your relaxing stitching!

  4. I really like the star you are doing too. THe pieced ground is quite nice - it all works together. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I like the star and the pieced background. When I was a child I wasn't allowed to sew on Sunday either--it was called working on the Sabbath. I could never understand because I wasn't working, I was playing. claire aka

  6. Hi Nancy!. The star shape is neat , I can see the appeal! cheers!

    1. Thanks, Claire. I'm enjoying making both the backgrounds and doing the applique.

  7. I like your star. I guess because sewing was considered work is why it was discouraged in our parents' time. Nowadays, for me, stitching before or after church is my way to relax.


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