Saturday, October 10, 2015

Quilty Inspiration #3 - Butter & Geraniums

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Sometimes when I'm reading a book the words bring an image to mind.  It was so when I was reading Annie Dunne by Sebastian Berry.  Annie lives on a farm in Wicklow, Ireland, in the 1950s.  One morning as she is about her farm work she comments,

"From red geraniums to yellow butter I go."

Ah, red and yellow could be beautiful together.  And then I remembered seeing Mary Cowan's book Colorful Stash Busters not long ago with its red, white, and yellow quilt on the cover.

I have plenty of yellow and red scraps so I'm playing with little 2" squares.  Four-patches, nine-patches, or...?  I'll wait for more inspiration to decide what comes next.

The wonderful thing about creative inspiration is that we can act immediately noticing more inspiration as we work, or we can let it rest in the back of our minds for a while and see what other thoughts and ideas gather around it and then begin.

Now it's your turn!  I hope you'll join in and also let others know about this link-up.  Thanks.


Just a Few Rules for Quilty Inspiration
  • Link a blog post (not your homepage) in which you've shared either a source of inspiration to begin a quilt, during the process, and/or the results of some inspiration and a bit about your creative process.  (I'm sorry but Instagram photos just don't offer enough substance for this link-up.)
  • Link the url for the post, not the url for your blog.
  • Please mention and link back to this post in your own blog post.  You can use the button below (copy the code) or use a text link.
  • Visit at least several other participants and leave comments on their posts.

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  1. I can exactly picture the red and yellow color combination when you said "butter and geraniums." Looking forward to see what you do with those 4- and 9-patch units. Thanks for hosting this weekly inspiration.

  2. I love red and yellow together! This quilt is going to be super happy!


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