Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quilty Inspiration #4

A few weeks ago my husband was sitting at the kitchen table reading The New York Times.  I walked into the kitchen from the other end and, though further away than this photo, this is what I saw.

The red strips that caught my eye.  My first thought was that one of the galleries in NYC had a quilt exhibit and was either advertising it or The Times was doing an article about a quilt exhibit.

I asked my husband, "Oh, is that a quilt?"
"Where?" he asked.
"On the page there in front of you, the photo with red stripes."
"No, it's an article...."  I immediately lost interest when I knew it wasn't a quilt.

Still, the image stuck with me.  In my memory, the red stripes and the darker stripes were equally wide.  In my mind I began to create a quilt with fabric scraps sewn into long strips alternating with red strips.  Maybe I will create a very scrappy strip quilt one of these days.

I don't know about you but I receive way more inspiration for quilts that I will ever have time to create.  Life's too short and I'm too slow.  Still, I make a note of the ideas that come along.

Do you have quilty inspiration to share?  An idea that came (maybe out of nowhere!), an image or quilt you saw, perhaps a quilt you're working on that "told" you to do something other than what you had originally planned?  If so, please link your post below.  Link any post with your ideas or experiences with inspiration for a quilt.  Through Thursday, October 22, 2015.



  1. Thanks for sharing your latest inspiration Nancy. I've linked a post about a WWII charity quilt. The story has inspired me to make a charity quilt sooner rather than later!

  2. That picture does look like a quilt. It would be simple one to make too. Dark scraps sewn together and cut into strips and solid red strips in between. You may have inspired me to pull out my dark scraps and start a leader and ender project. Maybe it will end up as a charity quilt too.

  3. Hi Nancy I have to agree with you it does look like a quilt I saw it straight away too. It reminds me of the quilts from Bee's Bend I thought it might be one from there!!!!! I would love to see that made up as is so simple but so striking. It would be the quilting that would breath life in to it. Cheers Glenda Australia


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