Saturday, November 28, 2015

Quilty Inspiration #10

Several kind and generous followers of this link-up (thank you for your support!) have encouraged me to keep Quilty Inspiration going a little longer, so we're back again this week.

If you have any interest at all in sharing the inspiration for the quilts you make, either before you choose and cut fabric or during the process of creating the quilt, or if you are interested in reading about the quilty inspiration of others, please leave a comment.  Better yet, please write a post and link up.  Those of us who are interested will thank you.  (And please help spread the word!)

My inspiration to share this week comes from the book, Small Quilts with Vintage Charm:  8 Project to Decorate Your Home, by Jo Morton, which I looked at several years ago.  I don't remember any of the quilts in the book (I'm sorry to admit) so it was much less the patterns than the color palette she used that caught and held my attention. 

I pulled out and matched paint chips (instead of pulling out fabric because I knew I wouldn't be working on a quilt with those fabrics for quite a while).  The chips don't match exactly, but I knew fabric wouldn't match exactly, either. 

A few weeks ago I pulled a few pieces of fabric (without looking at the photo above) to use on scrappy backgrounds that I posted about in Quilty Inspiration #7 and Quilty Inspiration #9.

I like these fabrics together but I may not use all or them and I've already added several more.  I never feel the need to have the exact fabrics that inspire me.

That's the great thing about inspiration:  if we keep working/playing, it keeps coming and someone else's idea alters to become our own work.

What's your quilty inspiration this week?  Please share and invite your blogging friends to share, too.


  1. Great color palette - love it!

  2. Oh, no. I just finished my quilty inspiration post, but the linky has closed! It was open when I started writing. At least you inspired me to keep my blog alive.

    Love the colors you've pulled. It's a very pleasing combination.


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