Thursday, March 3, 2016

One Monthly Goal (OMG) for March, 2016

This month I'm setting three smaller goals combined into one, all to be accomplished by the end of March.

Goal 1.  Decide on the placement of blocks.

Goal 2.  Decide on sashing, cornerstone, and border fabrics and width. 
From the beginning I thought I would use these two red striped fabrics.  They are not the same but I don't have enough of either to do all the sashing.  One fabric leans toward rust, the other just slightly toward rose/maroon.  The differences don't seem to show up too much in the photo so maybe they would work together.  I'm all for scrappy, you know.  But maybe a different color (or several colors) would be better for the sashing.  Brown, putty, rust, black, charcoal/brown....  And the cornerstones won't be circles.  I just laid the circles there to give an idea of colors at the corners.  One color/fabric, or many for the cornerstones?  Lots to consider and decide.

Goal 3.  Sew the top together!

March is a longer month and I'm a slow decision-maker so maybe everything will work together and I can accomplish this goal.

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  1. Love your circle stars (or star circles?). I'm always drawn to a quilt with sashing ... and yours really appeals.

  2. Your stars are so cute! The two sashing fabrics go together in the photo, so they could work in the quilt, especially since the whole quilt is scrappy!


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