Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Cow's Udder?

With my daughter and grands here all week I didn't have time to work on my Baskets of Plenty block 5 of Cheri Payne's facebook quilt along.  The photo below shows where my thoughts were headed before they came.  Until...

... I asked my husband what he thought.  I nearly always ask him after I have something to look at.  I find that others sometimes see what I've missed.  He commented that he liked the flower on the left but the one the right....  And then he stopped and said he didn't want to influence me.  When I pressed him to tell me what he was thinking he said that the flower on the right made him think of a cow's udder.  A cow's udder?  Really?!

Not to risk others thinking of cows when looking at this basket I changed colors.  (I wasn't absolutely committed to the coral, I just thought the color worked with the basket.)  This was the in-progress basket before our busy grands arrived. 

I didn't take time to take a photo until tonight.  Hmmm.  I checked facebook and saw that Cheri had already posted her finished Block 5.  Then I considered using just one of the blue flowers and adding several round/oval flowers in the salmon/red range.

Since this last photograph I've cut stems, leaves, and the roundish red/coral flowers.  But I'm still playing with the layout and haven't positively decided on one or two blue flowers.  Or maybe I'll go back to coral.  Oh, the possibilities....

I've been late with every one of these blocks.  It's become a pattern.  I started earlier this month and was almost ready to stitch until the "cow's udder" comment and my decision to redirect the block's colors.  Will I ever finish a block before the next block comes out?  Gosh, I hope so!



  1. Husbands can be so helpful at times--and other times, not! LOL
    I like the blue, but a combo would be pretty, too.
    Playing Catch-up is probably the only way I know how to do SALs. : )

    1. LOL. Yes, you're so right, Janet. Maybe I won't ask my husband again....

      I sometimes work myself into a corner with these blocks. I think I've chosen "perfect" fabrics and colors and then when I cut the shapes they don't look like I thought they would. I'm not sure I have "primitive" fabric in my collection. And the color ranges that I usually see in wool I can't find in cotton. I wish I could find a good dark gold.

      What color would you put with one of the blues? I just stitched down the stems today but not the flowers yet. And it would be easy enough to unstitch 2" of stems if I decide to rearrange the flowers. It's so much easier in a vase, isn't it? LOL

      Truly, I'm probably just too hot, tired, and achy to think straight tonight and if this sounds like grumbling, please forgive me.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I always appreciate your input, Janet.

  2. That made me laugh. I like your husband. =) I like your basket, too.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I'm glad for your laughter. My husband is a character....

  3. LOL! I worked on a block with these parts and really was not happy with the results. I want to start over when I can find some spare time.

    1. Hi, Karen. I've been watching for you to post your basket 5.... Your not being happy with the results of your efforts explains why I haven't. I think this has been the hardest block in this sew-along so far. I was glad to see basket 6 back to something a little simpler (though not necessarily easy for me). I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the parts for #5. I know it will be beautiful.


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