Sunday, May 20, 2018

Basting Before Applique

I'm on to Block B of Linda Brannock's "Flowers" quilt.  It took me nearly a week to play with fabric and colors before deciding which to use.  Even now, I may make changes. 

Nearly all the pieces for the block are cut and I've basted the edges of some of them.  Needle-turned applique seems beyond my abilities.  Instead, I loosely baste the edges and when stitching the piece to the background, I cut the basting threads as needed--to improve a curve or make an edge narrower or wider, etc.

If I have any time to stitch today this is what I'll be working on.  I think this is a very fanciful flower.  Linda calls it "Volunteer Bloom and Berries."

I will link this post to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts when she posts the link-up.

I hope you have a quiet restful Sunday.  If yours are like mine, they are a time to go to church, remember the Lord, and rest in preparation for the coming week.  Happy Sunday to you!



  1. If I haven't said so already, Nancy, I love your sampler blocks and your triangle points/corners look fantastic to me. (Sadly, I'm the one with the bad eye for this so... smile) I love your Flower blocks too. What do you think of the Remember Cheri block? I'm thinking of diving in.

    1. Thank you, Jocelyn. I think some of us notice where seams meet (or don't meet) more than others. I know I'm more critical of my imperfect work than anyone else.

      I would do the Remember Cheri blocks if I weren't already involved in two other applique projects. That first block is very sweet. I'll look forward to seeing your block, Jocelyn.


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