Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fabric Acquisition

A few months ago I won a gift certificate for Mad About Patchwork from Leanne at She Can Quilt for a post I linked to Scraptastic Tuesday.  What a sweet surprise.  If you don't know, Mad About Patchwork is a Canadian company that sells primarily modern prints and solid fabrics.

My purchases, above, top row, left to right:
Strawberry Fields: Summer Bouquet in Stone, fat quarter
Strawberry Fields: Strawberry Blooms in Stone, fat quarter
Strawberry Fields: Daisy Blooms in Strawberry, fat quarter
Silver Linings: Bloom in Cream/Charcoal, fat quarter
Farmhouse by Fig Tree & Co.: Calico Blossom in Tomato, one yard

And bottom row, left to right:
Strawberry Fields; Sprigs in Sand, fat quarter
Kaffe Fassett: Shot Cotton Nut, fat quarter
For You: Combo in Orange, fat quarter
Kona Biscuit, fat quarter
Kaffe Fassett: Shot Cotton Apricot, fat quarter
Cotton Couture in Cinnamon, one yard

This was my first online fabric shopping experience.  What an adventure.  Whenever I'm in the presence of bolts of fabric at a brick and mortar store my mind imagines all the possibilities instead of staying focused on the purpose of my visit.  I often leave with one or two fat quarters because I just couldn't decide.

With an online gift certificate the only option is to use all of the gift certificate at one time or not use it at all.  I spent time browsing through all the possibilities at Mad About Patchwork.  I favor vintage and antique fabrics which narrowed down the the selection but I found ones I like quite a lot.

Checking out was interesting.  The fabric is sold by quarter-yard units.  I was uncertain whether two units would give me two fat quarters or half a yard but no worries because there was a place to leave a note as I finished my order.  I was also baffled by the conversion from Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars but noticed a place to click to change between the two.  At this time U.S. dollars can buy more than Canadian.

The colors on the website were close to accurate but I was a little disappointed by that solid tan on the bottom row.  I was aiming for a putty/grey color similar to the background on the upper left fabrics.  From the online photos that was the color I thought I was purchasing.  (Gosh, isn't Kona nice fabric?  And Cotton Couture, too.  They both have body without being too thin or too stiff.)

I don't have anything in particular in mind for these fabrics but I notice that six of them -- those apricot/peach/coral fabrics and the flowers on the grey background -- look really good together.

I also won a gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.  Most of their fabrics are about $10.00/yard.  I was excited to think that I might be able to choose 10 fat quarters with the gift certificate, but when looking more closely I realized that the Fat Quarter Shop sells only half-yard pieces of individual fabrics.  If you want fat quarters you must purchase them in bundles.  (I don't understand why a shop named the Fat Quarter Shop wouldn't sell primarily fat quarters....)  Anyway, I'll save that shopping experience for another week.

My last recent purchase was BasicGrey:  Juniper Berry, on the left above.  I went into a relatively small local fabric shop to look for backing fabric for the Morning Stars quilt.  I didn't see any I thought would work (it's such a scrappy quilt without modern fabrics) but I didn't want to walk out without purchasing something.  I'll use it, I'm sure.

I'm linking this post to Fabric Frenzy Friday at Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Happy day to you!



  1. Sounds like you had a lucky streak of winning!
    It is always hard to choose colors online. I don't buy many fabrics online, unless I am getting a screaming deal, or I can't find what I need any other way. : )
    Looks like you found some beauties. Like you, I prefer the vintage look, but it is fun to work with some fresh, brighter fabrics now and then.

    1. Hi, Janet. It was a fun winning streak. I also won two books (which I haven't blogged about yet).

      Online shopping was not much fun, though, not like going into a fabric store. Still, you can't sneeze at free! From now on, though, I won't try to match colors if I buy online, and as Kathy said (below), it's easier to buy backing fabric because it doesn't have to match.

  2. Lucky you! Gorgeous fabrics that you've chosen.

    If I'm needing a specific color, I won't shop online. But I prefer to because it's less expensive and because the nearest decent shop is at least an hour and a half away. I purchase online if I've already seen the fabric (not enough available at the LQS or in my stash) or if I'm not looking for a very specific color. I almost always shop for backing online because I can't find 108" fabrics locally and the color for backing doesn't have to match exactly.

    1. Hi, Kathy. Winning was a surprise because I didn't realize there were prizes involved.

      Good points about when and how to buy fabric online, Kathy. I noticed that the colors aren't exactly accurate. I don't fault the vendor because there are so many variables - computer monitors, light, etc. But like you, I probably won't ever try to match a fabric when buying online. I've never purchased backing fabric but I'll have to look at what's available online for those. I usually piece my backs but not having to is very appealing these days.

  3. Nancy, if you click on the word "sale" at the Fat Quarter Shop, and then click on "Theme" you are allowed to select 1800's. It will show you their sale priced 1800's fabrics.

    1. Thanks, Vic. I began playing around at the Fat Quarter Shop and realized that was a possibility. It seems they have a good variety of ways to filter choices at their website.

  4. What fun now that you have discovered online fabric shopping! I still prefer the brick and mortar stores, but it's rare that I am able to frequent those. I like shopping online if I do not need an exact match. You might try Whittles for some reproduction type fabrics. I have often purchased wonderful fabric there for $5.00 a yard.

    1. Hi, Karin. Yes, I think I like brick and mortar stores better, too, but it's still fun to look. Online shopping probably won't ever be my first choice and I know I won't ever try to match fabric with an online purchase, but still it's fun to see what's available, especially if looking for fabric by a particular designer.

      Thanks for the recommendation for Whittles. I would probably have never found that store without your suggesting it. I'll look at their website later this week. Fabric for $5.00/yard is a steal!


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