Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nipping at My Heels - A Lovely Year of Finishes

I awoke this morning knowing the end of the month was nipping at my heels and the one goal I most wanted to accomplish -- putting the border on my Easy Street -- was not finished.   So I got my energy going and added the border today.  I know it's a small finish but it was a goal I set and accomplished!  (Please forgive the dull photo.  I didn't finish stitching until about 8:30 tonight so I didn't have natural light - though I wouldn't have had anyway because it's been cloudy and snowy all day.)

The quilt measures about 48" x 70" which is a good lap quilt size.  Because the blocks are sewn on the bias the quilt is a little stretchy.  I thought about trying my hand at machine quilting but I don't think this is a candidate for my first try in that area.  In fact, because the quilt is so stretchy, I wonder if I should quilt it from the edges toward the middle....

I'm linking this to A Lovely Year of Finishes for January at Fiber of All SortsA Lovely Year of Finishes is a challenge encouraging us to choose one item to finish each month, then account for our success.  Thank you, Shanna, for hosting.

Happy stitching!


  1. Great finish! I have one more block to make before assembling the last 2 rows!

  2. This is beautiful, Nancy - how many pieces? Looks like a lot! And the teal and red - stunning, well done :)

  3. The border really changed the looks. The colors look great. Are you moe pleased with it now that the border is on? I'm not sure I would quilt toward the center. I think if the fabric does stretch some you'll be left with a "pouchy" middle. If you go toward the edges any extra can get sort of eased out that way. But, I haven't hand quilted - only machine so perhaps that would be different.

  4. Great colors for the Easy street! Beautiful.

  5. Love the color combination. Just popped over from 'Small Blog Meet'


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