Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scrap Bowls

What do you do with your scraps -- the scraps that are really too small to use for anything else -- when you're trimming quilt blocks?  I don't have a handy place for a waste basket near my cutting table so I use scrap bowls.  These are two nesting china bowls that I found at our local thrifts stores -- several years apart!  I loved the shape and wide foot on the bottom of the bowl when I found the first one and bought it for a pittance.  Years later I found the second identical but smaller bowl and bought it for pennies, too.  I've used them to mix glue, mix paint, and hold small objects so they won't get lost.

They are convenient and handy and when scraps begin piling up I shift them to the bowl and empty them when they're full.  Except this time.  You can see that I haven't been cutting much since Easy Street.  Which is because I've been hand quilting, and am about a fourth of the way finished.  Hooray!

Happy quilting to you!


  1. I do have a waste bucket close by, but most of the time I miss.......
    : )

  2. I love your bowls. I like kitchen ware from that era. I have a waste can nearby but, much like my "box collection" it's sometimes hard for me to throw my scraps away. But, I've improved. I cut some of them up into usable sizes. Recently I heard someone mention that they take the really useless scraps and use them as fill for animal beds. Hmm...should I go through my waste can?


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