Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friday Night with Sunday Morning

I spent part of Friday evening stitching the blocks of this Sunday Morning quilt into rows.  What should have taken an hour or two took too long. 

This afternoon I stitched the rows together.

I've decided that just because I love someone else's quilt doesn't mean I have to own or make one for myself.  I also decided that this quilt makes me think of sun sparkling on snowflakes creating a prism-like effect.  Maybe I should call it Snowy Sunday Morning or Sunny Snowy Morning or Sunday Morning with Snow or ....

I think this will be a bear to hand quilt because of all the seams.  I pressed most of them open thinking that stitching through two layers would be a lot easier than stitching through four.  In another post I mentioned pressing seams open.  A reader made a comment that she thought open seams would not be strong enough for a quilt.  I come from a sewing background, before there were sergers.  We always pressed seams open in garments (unless we made French seams).  I think open seams will be fine (and if they aren't I'll have learned something).

I neglected to measure this quilt top but it should be about 75" x 90".  I deliberated about making it larger to use on our queen size bed but decided against it.  It's now laying in my stack of finished tops awaiting quilting.  There are several before it unless it "calls" me.

Happy quilting.


  1. I think this quilt is great! I love how calming the light prints are. I've also been ironing seams open lately and I agree that they should be just as strong as ironed to one side. I don't see how one would be more durable than the other. In fact ironing them open eliminates that little "bump" at the seam that can be a point of wear on the fabric.

  2. This is soooooo beautiful! Makes me want to make another ; )

  3. I am so in love with low volume at the moment. Love your use of them here :-)

  4. Well, I love this quilt! Looks like a lot of cutting and piecing. I have the same background, in garment sewing, and am still experimenting with ironing seams on my quilts. Generally, I find pressing the seams to one side helps with nesting seams and more accurate piecing. But then again, I have not been quilting long enough to know how my quilts will survive usage!


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