Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sashing and Pieced Setting Triangles

I decided on a diagonal layout for these blocks (plus a few more).
And sashing with cornerstones to give each block its own frame.
And pieced setting triangles just like the blocks, only a diagonal half.  You can see what I hope to make on the upper right and left sides between the first and second rows; one half-block at the top; and on the upper corners. 

Math is not my strength.  The math for pieced setting triangles without sashing isn't too difficult, but with sashing -- I don't know.  I understand that sashing changes the measurements for the setting triangles.  It's not that I can't calculate, it's more that I'm not sure which parts of the block need to measure differently than they do now.  I thank (but I'm not sure) that I extend only the pieces that will lay along the edge of the quilt so they extend further than if I were to cut a finished block in half.  I don't want to waste the time cutting, sewing, and trying out setting triangle sizes, but then I don't want to have them be the wrong size, either.

I searched google images for sashed pieced setting triangles and found not one with a pieced setting triangle.  I suppose there's a reason for that.  Maybe it's not possible to piece a setting triangle to use with sashing and have it look right in a quilt. 

We may see this quilt with chopped off points, or plain setting triangles, but I hope not.  Have you drafted your own setting triangles when using sashing?  Do you have any hints for me?

I think the sashing may be either a dark blue (with a hint of green -- what is that shade of blue called, anyway?) or dark brown.  I have several fabrics to try and then I'll have an idea what the blocks want. 

Exciting news for me:  a new grand-baby-boy is due in January!  I need to get working on a quilt for the little guy.  Decisions, decisions:  blocks, patterns, colors, layouts.  What fun!

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  1. I'm not sure what you want to piece in the setting triangles. I have some on my Propellers and Planes quilt (not your block, though.) I use graph paper. You can draft your design on the diagonal of the paper and see what templates you will need. Hope this helps.
    I like your color choices. This will be a pretty quilt.
    Congratulations on your new grandbaby.

  2. I like the layout of the blocks! Fun!

  3. If you just make blocks and then chop them off for the setting triangles, your quilt edges will all be cut on the bias and will be really stretchy. I made a pieced setting triangle for my On Point quilt that included sashing. Check it out at

  4. I love the layout on point, and such great colors, too!

  5. I also love the layout! Can't wait to see it completed!


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