Saturday, December 12, 2015

Quilty Inspiration #11

When you're itching to start a new quilt how do you decide what quilt to make?  How do you decide on fabrics, block pattern, colors?

Maybe you're a person who, when partway finished with a quilt, already has an idea for the next quilt -- and starts it?  Or maybe you have a stockpile of ideas for quilts you want to create?  Did the idea for the next quilt evolve from the one you were working on?  Or maybe you saw a photo in a magazine, a book, a blog, or pinterest?

How did you decide the quilting pattern for your quilt?  Was it based on the pattern of the quilt -- in the ditch, outline, or something else?

Are you inspired to begin a quilt because of free patterns like Cheri's, Lori's, or Jeni's; or a link-up like Audrey's?  Or maybe you follow one of Barbara's blogs in which she offers year-long suggestions?  Maybe you love vintage and/or antique quilts and they inspire you.  Or modern quilts.  For any of those you choose your own fabrics, colors, and make decisions along the way because of what I think of as inspiration.

There are probably as many ways to be inspired while we're quilting as there are quilters.  I hope you'll link your post that mentions your decisions as you begin and continue to work on a quilt.

My inspiration for the week comes from a stack of yellow fabric (because I must get it out of my house - least favorite color!) and this quilt (love those red and white stripes), which was inspired by this quilt.  I'm looking forward to seeing how (and when) it progresses.

Now it's your turn to share your quilty inspiration.

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