Thursday, February 18, 2016

Out and About:  Finding Old Quilts

While in Versailles (pronounced ver sails in Kentucky) a few weeks ago I had a bit of free time while waiting for my daughter.  I happened into a little vintage/antiques shop and found a sweet little log cabin and a few quilts.

I loved this little building but decided to leave it for someone else. 
log cabin doll house

These quilts caught my eye.  Knowing I wasn't going to buy any of them, I didn't pull them out to examine them more closely.
school house quilt

I can't guess a date for either the quilt above or the quilt below.
green star quilt

And then there was this blue and white quilt.
vintage blue and white quilt

The fabrics looked older, perhaps early 1900s, maybe earlier.
vintage blue and white quilt

vintage blue and white quilt

Blue is not one of my favorite colors but I'm a sucker for blue and white quilts.  Sadly, I left this one behind.

I left the store empty-handed except for some fun photos.


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  1. Those are some beautiful quilts and I love that area of Kentucky. I might have taken that little house to my own home.


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