Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas for a Few More Days

I can never quite let Christmas end on December 26.  It doesn't seem right to let it go so soon.  So I'm continuing to listen to Christmas music and enjoy the lights on our Christmas tree.  That being said, Christmas did really feel cut short this year when my daughter and her family left mid-day Monday.  All the fun, the laughter, the patter of little feet were gone.  I felt sad to see them go.

Both daughters and older daughter's children came on Saturday the 17th.  Younger daughter left on Wednesday the 21st, and son-in-law came on Thursday the 22nd.  The days were a whirlwind of activity, both at home and away from home.

On Monday we visited a thrift store, then drove to our favorite bagel shop for a slightly early dinner on the way to Merry TubaChristmas.  Have you been to TubaChristmas before?  Is there one in your city?  It's become one of our new traditions.

We were just minutes too late for the early show so went to the nearby library and found a fun playroom for the children.  There were books, puzzles, toys.  But the favorite of all three children was the little house.  Libraries are amazing these days.  When I was young we whispered.

We headed back to TubaChristmas to get good seats.  (I prefer the balcony but younger daughter thinks it's too loud.  We sat on the first floor.)  The video below is not great:  both sound and image are somewhat low-grade but I love it because it reminds me that 180 tubas and euphoniums (smaller tuba-like instruments) all playing together sound mostly (to my imagination) like music coming through whale blubber.  I can't think of any other way to describe the sound.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Merry TubaChristmas concert, I highly recommend it.  Live is much better than any recording.  (Another video is available here.)

And then there was tuba applause.  They make wonderful music and they applaud in silence.

I carried tired little 11-month-old Isaac to the foyer so his crying wouldn't disturb others in the audience.  The conductor, on break while another musician was conducting, was standing nearby.  He commented that practicing his tuba at home while his children were little never disturbed them:  tubas are very calming.  When I went back in to sit down I found little nearly-three-year-old Olivia asleep in her mother's arms.  Calming, indeed.

The children loved shopping at Ikea the next day and especially enjoyed the little rooms for children.  Unfortunately, Isaac brought home a cold and was miserable for the rest of their visit.  Olivia caught Isaac's cold by Thursday and we had two sick children.  Of the children, only Malachi remained healthy.

It was a merry Christmas but it could have been merrier had the little ones not been sick.

Our daughters and I imagined doing so many things while they were here.  I forgot how much longer things take with children, how divided one's attention is, and much time they need.  Our  expectations and imaginations were bigger what we were able to accomplish.

And now that they're gone -- those little ones who occupied my attention all day for 10 days and sometimes during the night too -- I'm trying to regroup, trying to remember what I was doing before they came, what I intended to do after they left.  But mostly I just miss having all of them here.  Still, I'm celebrating Christmas for a few more days.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!



  1. Sounds like you were joyfully busy!!! I have never heard Tuba Christmas. Thanks for sharing. And Happy New Year!!

    1. It was a fun Christmas, Jennie. If you have any musical inclination at all I highly recommend TubaChristmas, even if you only go once -- just for the experience of it. There are several in Georgia. Go to to find out where and when. I hope you had and continue to have a great New Year!

  2. I am not familiar with Tuba Christmas. Thanks for the video!!!

    1. You're welcome, Michelle. Both Louisville and Lexington (and one other city I can't remember) have TubaChristmas performances, Michelle. I don't know how close Elizabethtown is to any of them, though.

  3. That was a special family time,no wonder you are feeling bereft now all the visitors have left. Little children are so compelling and easily become the centre of attention at a family gathering. I hope you get to have time with them when they are well. Libraries really have changed haven't they? Here in the UK many have been re-styled into 'discovery centres'. Fairy lights are still twinkling in our home too - I think New Years Day will see them back in their boxes.

    1. It was such fun to watch the little ones open their Christmas gifts, though it wasn't such fun for the two who were ill. We'll be visiting soon because there are two birthdays coming up next week. Yes, our decorations came down yesterday. I was sad to see them go.

      Happy New Year to you, Allison.

  4. And it sounds like you're Christmas was filled with all of the very best things, which really aren't 'things' at all! I'm so glad to hear that you celebrated Christmas with a house full of family, but sorry to hear that the little ones were sick.
    I'm betting that you were exhausted when they all left, but that your heart was full. Wonderful memories were made and here's wishing you a year overflowing with health, happiness, blessings, more memories, and adventure. :)

    1. Except for the sick babies it was a great Christmas, Karin. I felt so sad after everyone left -- exhausted, but sad. I hope they'll be able to come visit again soon for a few days or a week.

      Thanks for your good wishes for the new year. I wish the same for you and your family.


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