Thursday, May 30, 2013

Honeysuckle and Roses

I wish you could smell the flowers on my honeysuckle vines!  Their fragrance lightens my spirit and brightens my days as it wafts through our open windows.  Heavenly!  It's one of my favorite parts of spring. 

The flowers of the honeysuckle are small and unobtrusive.  The roses, on the other hand, like to show off their bright flowers but are more private with their fragrance.  They keep it to themselves unless one is close enough to put a nose into a bloom.  Certainly, the rose blossoms add beauty to the view.  What a perfect marriage:  honeysuckle for the fragrance, roses for color.

My husband calls my honeysuckle a weed but it's not one of those wild, invasive honeysuckle bushes.  It vines oh-so-pleasantly wherever I choose to plant and train it.  My daughter and I built the trellis a few years ago.  We didn't realize how heavy the vines can become or we would have built something stronger.  One of our other trellises broke in the heavy snow a month or so ago.  We'll have to cut it back to remove the old trellis and start the vines growing again.  I suggested we wait until after they bloomed so we could enjoy their scent for a month.  My husband agreed:  I think he likes my honeysuckle vines too even though he teases me about them being weeds.

I hope you have beautiful flowers and fragrances to bring you joy.


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  1. Honey suckle is one of my favorite childhood memories. When we move and buy a home, I am planting honey suckle by every window, thank you for the idea of the trellises!


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