Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Slow Progress

I'm just playing, here, trying to decide what to do with the corner blocks I've made to put together into larger blocks.  I have 10 sets of corners sewn and have yet to decide how to put them together.

My husband suggested stripes and is quite sure one of those striped fabrics will be perfect.  When he saw the creams (in the photo below, the horizontal strips in the upper left block) he commented that they looked too much like the background.  Except that the background of a bulletin board is not the background of the quilt.

I pulled out all the fabrics I have with stripes ranging from dark orange to burgundy/maroon and also fabric with stripes in creams/tans/naturals.  I don't have many and most of the ones I have are small pieces.

Still open for consideration on this quilt are the joining strips, the centers, and the sashing between the finished blocks.  Options for the strips connecting the corners is to use the same fabric for all blocks; use a variety of fabrics; or use stripes or not.  Though my husband thinks the stripes are fabulous, I'm not yet convinced.  I still have time to play around.

The blocks will end up about 9", if I use 1" strips.  Each corner block is 4 1/2" as it is now, will finish at 4" when sewn.

When you're auditioning quilt blocks, do you have a somewhat clear idea of how the quilt will look when finished or do you work like this, too?  I think it's much easier to see a photo of a finished quilt and copy it or make it your own however you choose - fabrics, colors, layout, etc.

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I almost forgot! I'm linking this post to WOW at Esther's Blog and to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Thank you, Esther and Lee.


  1. If I close my eyes real hard, I can sometimes visualize what it may look like. I like the stripes ; )

  2. I agree. It IS easier when you start with a photo of finished quilt, but for some reason, I find myself working backwards much of the time. I find some fabric that I love and go from there. That Jungle Baby quilt I'm working on is like that. No pattern, just start pulling ideas and trying different things. I shouldn't do that because I am too indecisive and it tales me a long time to settle on a final direction. I'm not very good at visualizing things. I work better if I can get my hands on the fabric and take pictures like you do. If you go with scrappy stripes, I'm thinking a blue sashing might be pretty with those blue center squares.

  3. I love the surprises that come when you play with works in progress. These blocks delight me, I love the red.


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