Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baptist Fans by Hand

quilt from plaid shirts
The hand quilting is finished.  Hurray!  It took about 5 months to quilt but there were days I didn't stitch and days I stitched very little.  Some days I stitched a fan or two.  I wasn't rushing to get it done.

I've never seen Baptist Fan quilting in person.  I've seen drawings of the pattern in books and online but they never say how far apart the quilting lines in the fans should be.  Or how many lines per fan there should be.  Without a frame of reference I chose to make these between an inch and an inch-and-a-half apart with 5 lines per fan.  I didn't mark the quilting lines, just stitched free-hand. 

I'm pleased with the fans but now I wonder how the quilt would have looked with a different quilting pattern.  If I do another churn dash maybe I'll try a different pattern.

If you've quilted Baptist Fans before, how large were they and how far apart were the lines of the fan?

Happy quilting to you!



  1. The quilting looks great, Nancy. I've never done Baptist fans by hand or machine so I have no insight there. We have a number of hand quilters in my local guild and I'm always so impressed by the time and patience that it takes. As cold as it's been, though, sitting in a comfortable chair hand sewing with the quilt keeping you warm at the same time sounds SO very cozy!

  2. I agree with Nina! I would like to try hand quilting Baptist fans, but haven't found the courage yet. Thanks for sharing yours, they look great!

  3. I love this quilt!! Your choice of Baptist fans is just perfect. I have hand quilted this on many quilts and is is just fun and gives great texture. Just love your blog!


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