Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This Week's Work in Progress:  Ironing and Organizing

It doesn't look like much now, but it was a stack of fabric -- several dozen washed and cut-apart upcycled shirts -- folded loosely in quarters.  (Most of the fabrics on the top of each stack were the ones I worked on this week.)

I spent two days ironing those shirts.  Ironing takes a lot of time!  I hope I've learned my lesson to keep up with it as the shirts are washed and dried instead of letting them pile up.

I cleaned out and rearranged the closet a few months ago and hadn't gotten around to moving fabric into it.  It's a wide closest -- 10 or 11', but the shelves are only 11" deep.  One side has paper supplies, family history notebooks, and some other things.  This side I will devote to fabric.

But that's not all of my fabric, of course.  I have a bookshelf with mostly fat quarters in it.  (My least favorite color is yellow.  Knowing that you must wonder about that yellow box, and the tall stack of yellow fabric.  I think I ignore that box.  The yellow fabric is the result of a search for cream fabric.  At the store it looks cream, at home it looks yellow.  Sigh.)

For the most part it's neat, but there are a few messy stacks.

When I don't know what to do with a piece of fabric I just put it on the stack.  There are some odd-sized pieces that I can't bring myself to cut but I don't know how I'll use them.  I sometimes have a hard time just passing fabric along.  Do you?

I have more fabric upstairs in an armoire in our bedroom:  some long pieces for backs, more shirt and clothing fabrics, and some short yardage.  They are organized by color in large boxes.  I have so much fabric and I'm such a slow worker.  I'll die before I use half of it! 

As I worked at ironing the fabric I kept thinking about the possibilities of quilts to make.  The more I thought, the more undecided I became.  I think Indecision is the thief of creativity.

I've also been quilting my Sunday Morning.  The more I work on it the less I like it.  I think that's the cycle of my quilting life:  love it, not sure about it, don't like it, think it's okay, love it.  I also laid out the string snowball to think about a border.  As I near the end of quilting Sunday Morning I'll want to have another quilt ready for quilting.

That's been most of my week.  I'm eager to begin another quilt or two but for me it's better if I finish at least one I have in progress.  (Or maybe not.)

I'm linking this post to WOW at Esther's Blog.  Thanks for hosting, Esther.

Happy quilting (or organizing) to you!



  1. Love your pretty fabrics, and all look so nicely pressed! Yes...what a profound statement...Indecision is the thief of creativity, indeed!

  2. I have that problem, when I reorganize, it takes me forever. I'm wanting to buy some shelving for my closet to get my fabric out of the tubs.

  3. It looks like you're getting a grip on your fabrics - I think that's so important although it is hard to keep the stacks so neat for very long in my house..

  4. I love seeing your organization. I just cleaned my sewing room this morning. I had so much stuff out of the closet that I could barely move.

  5. You're organizing looks my h easier when we can be inspired by the colors on for the yellow...I'm not a fan either...I've donated mine to my church...

  6. I totally understand Esther. I just spent 8 months re-doing my room and that included washing/ironing a LOT of fabric. Happy sewing!


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