Monday, March 15, 2021

Four-Patch Blocks for ScrapHappy Day

My leader/ender project, when I remember to stitch them and have pinned enough ahead, are these 1½" squares, stitched into 4-patch blocks.

They're all cut from leftover bits of fabric after cutting larger blocks.

Two blocks sewn together, light and bright, all in autumn-like colors - rich reds, oranges, golds, a variety of greens, teals/blues, browns, etc..

What will these leader/ender four-patch blocks become?  They could become quadruple 4-patch blocks,

or nine-patch blocks.

Four-patches set alternately with another fabric.

or four-patches on-point with the bright color vertical.

Or they could become 4- or 9-patch blocks set in the middle of four triangles.

Then again, maybe they could be used in larger blocks, like this star block,

or even in a Burgoyne Surrounded.  And I know there are plenty of other blocks that use 4- or 9-patch blocks. 

I know I need to make many, many more before I'll enough for anything but a little quilt.  Sometimes it's great to just sit and mindlessly sew, without having to think about the placement as I do when making a more complicated block.  These work as leaders/enders or for that mindless sewing.  Some day I'll have enough to make a quilt!

The baby quilt from my ScrapHappy Day post in February is coming along really well. 
The blocks are sewn together, the circles are appliqued, it's layered, pin-basted, and I have several blocks quilted.  I'm still aiming for a mid-April finish, hopefully before the baby arrives.  There's lots of hand quilting in my future during the next month.

This post was written to participate in ScrapHappy Day, hosted by Kate and Gun.  Head over to either of their blogs to see their scrappy projects and find links to the other participants' posts showing their delightful use of scraps.



  1. Oooh, my vote's for Burgoyne Surrounded, which I think would work very well with the colours you have.

    1. I like Burgoyne, too, Kate. It'll take a bit to figure out colors and fabrics that will work, of course.

  2. Great progress on the baby quilt. I love leaders and Enders.

    1. Thanks, Jennie.  I really am making good progress on the quilt.  It's almost halfway quilted.  If I can keep a steady pace I should be able to finish by mid-April.
      I like leaders/enders but I'm inconsistent in sewing them.  I need to get better.

  3. Replies
    1. I like them a lot, too, Kathy, but I don't use them very often. Maybe when I finally get enough made I can make a quilt!

  4. Circles?! I can't wait to see what you do with circles on the baby's quilt!!!

    1. LoL.  I'll show a photo maybe next week, Joyful.  The circles are pretty subtle but I like them.

  5. I just love your four patch blocks and turning them on point makes them very special. But whatever placement you choose will be beautiful, I'm sure. You are making great progress on your projects, Nancy.

    1. Thank you, Jocelyn.  I think I have a long way to go before I make any decision about these little blocks, unless I make a miniature quilt!  I probably don't have even fifty of them right now.


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