Friday, May 17, 2024

Scrappy Stars, Scrappy Nine-Patch Blocks

It feels like I haven't accomplished much these past few weeks (or months).  I'm slow, slow, slow.

I'm making scrappy stars (a la Taryn of Repro Quilt Lover).  I intended them as leaders/enders but find myself cutting, piecing, and stitching them even without sewing anything else.  This one is my favorite so far.
They will finish at 6".  I love that the triangles in the stars can be made from either 1½" strips or from some already cut triangles.  And I love the scrappiness of them.

I'm making ones with warm colors now, reds, oranges, yellows and variations of those colors, and setting aside the cool colors for later.  (Unless I change my mind and decide to combine them.)  I have eleven red stars so far.

I've also been making scrappy nine-patch blocks, also a la Taryn.  She's currently hosting a sew-along based on an antique quilt.  Mine are scrappier than the ones in the quilt.  I chose to use autumn tones for these.  I hope they all play well together.  I'm making 3" blocks.
Adding these 20 blocks to the ones I have gives me a total of 98.  I need 204, if I alternate them with a solid/print fabric.  I haven't chosen a fabric yet, or even a color.  I also haven't decided whether to do a straight or on-point set. No problem.  I have as many to make as I've already made.  It will be a while before I start sewing completed blocks together.

Much of my time these days seems to be devoted to doctors' and medical appointments:  primary care physician, orthopedic surgeon (first knee replacement coming at the end of June), spine specialist (with upcoming physical therapy), dentist, gynecologist, mammogram, bone density scan, podiatrist, dermatologist.  My body is falling apart during this 3/4 century year! 

Our weather has been variable.  This week we had two grey and rainy days, so dark during the day that I needed to turn on the lights to see.  Temperatures have been in the mid-70s part of the week, so it's been mostly great weather.  I have to say I love those grey and rainy days, as long as there aren't too many in a row!  I'm wondering what weather the summer will bring.

I hope you're doing well!

I'm linking this post to Finished (or not) Friday at Alycia Quilts.  Thanks for hosting, Alycia.



  1. Good morning! Sounds like you're having fun w the two Repro Quilter projects. And that's what counts. Your Ohio Stars are especially charming, so free and scrappy.

    Good luck w all your medical appointments. Somehow it seems older folks get caught up on the medical merry go round and it becomes a full time ''job''. I always think of a cartoon I saw in one of my ex husband's medical mags,: a packed waiting room and the caption, "Managed care means repeat customers!".

    1. I'm really just puttering with the stars and 9-patches, Lizzy. Something to do when my mind is trying to come up with good ideas for Bramble Blooms. I feel like creativity just walked out.... I hope the Ohio stars amount to something....
      Isn't it sad that patients become repeat customers? Several of the appointments were annual check-ups, two were because of pain and the third for a strange skin condition. I'll have to have a second knee replacement after the first has healed and then I hope to be finished with orthopedic doctors for a long time. That leaves the spine specialist -- maybe my back pain will go away after knee replacements? One can always hope -- and the dermatologist. What kind of doctor was your ex-husband?

  2. Hi Nancy, I'm still working on my BB1 border. It turned into some intricate stitching so...I have about 70 of the 3 inch 9 Patch blocks sewn and enjoying that project too. Yes, I understand with all the medical appointments. Between the two of us here, there is always something. But thankful for modern medicine, I guess, heh.

    1. Intricate stitching takes time but is so worth it, especially if that's what a quilt wants. 
      I'm grateful for modern medicine, too.  If not for joint replacements, I think I would either be bedridden or crazy by now, since no pain medication was effective.

  3. I love Taryn's projects, but am adhering to my "No New Starts" rule enough to not join in--tempting though they are! Your warm color choices warm my heart.
    Sorry about all the medical stuff you are dealing with. I was pondering the other day why I feel so busy, and then I realize I have all the therapy and doctors and home therapy that eat up a chunk of each month. Isn't aging fun? NOT!

    1. I've been trying not to start new quilts, too, and failed with a new start this week, Janet. But I'd started the 9-patches a few years ago as leaders/enders and am thinking of the stars in the same way, though, of course, there is all the cutting to do for both of them.
      I agree: aging is not fun! And then I think, hey, there have been only four doctor appointments this month, that doesn't really take that long.... But it sure seems to!
      Thanks for your sweet comment about my warm colors!


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