Saturday, October 13, 2012

Uh-Oh! Pinholes!

This . . .

. . . caused this!

The safety pin snagged the fabric and pulled several inches of it.  And that's not the only pin that's caused broken threads and snags.  My pins are sharp so dull pins are not the cause.  What happened?

I used large safety pins to pin-baste the layers of this quilt together.  It's one of my first quilts -- a practice quilt, obvious by the uneven stitches.  If this quilt were a gift I would be very unhappy.  As it is, it's my String-X scrap quilt (a la Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville) which will become a picnic quilt or a floor quilt.  Nothing fancy or fabulous, but still.  Holes?!  I've darned one of them and will probably have to search the quilt for others that need repaired, either by darning or patching. 

I don't know what's required to prevent holes in the future.  Baste with thread instead of use safety pins?  I thought pins were helpers but not this time!

This is a Shadow Shot Sunday post.


  1. Frustrating when you have done a creative project and you are left with pin hole damage! But the photos are great for shadows!

  2. Smaller points? It would be hard to find the hole in the weaving every time. Saw you on Shadow Shot Sunday....glad I stopped by. I love the shadows in the fabric.

  3. Simple line but beautiful!

    My Shadow Shot Link
    Have an enjoyable weekend!

  4. My daughter wants me to make her a quilt, a hand-sewn one. Something I have never done before but am considering it. I made my son one when he was younger but it was machine sewn and machine quilted. It was a chore and I am sure a hand-quilted one would be even more of a chore. We shall see if I can do it.
    Great shadows from the pin.


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