Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crazy Busy

My daughters and grandbabies visited for 10 days two weeks before Easter.  It takes this grandmother a little time for a grandmother to recover.  I use a lot more energy with my grands here than when they're away.  It was hugely fun to have them, and for 10 days!  Wonderful!

I worked the week before Easter at our friendly candy store.  That's always fun, and easier at Easter than other busy seasons.  Still, it was tiring.

And then my daughter, husband, and grandbabies came back for Easter weekend.   It was such a short visit compared to the 10 days they were here before.

I stitched a dress for Olivia while she was here.  I'll write about that in a different post. 

Malachi was very interested in helping at the sewing machine.  He handed me pins, pulled out pins and put them in the pin box, and sat on my lap and watched the sewing machine do it's work for a while.

I finished sewing together the red wings and stars quilt blocks before they came so I have no quilt blocks in progress at the moment.  And I still haven't found backing I like for the plaid churn dash quilt.  I guess I'm taking an unintended brief break from quilting.  It won't last long and it's nice to have a rest but I need to pull out something and get to work.

Crazy busy for several weeks but fun all the way! 


P.S.  I tried to comment on some of your blogs earlier today but there was a problem with blogger.  I hope I can catch up with you tomorrow.

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