Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Thankful Heart

Have you met Martha of Q is for Quilter?

I discovered her blog about a year ago and enjoy reading it regularly.  I learn so much when I do. Martha has a variety of creative interests.  She is interested in vintage quilts and fabrics.  She sometimes finds vintage quilts that need remade and shares the process.  She often scans and posts old quilt patterns, free for the printing and/or as pdf files.  She has a collection of old and vintage children's books and coloring books, some of which are perfect patterns for children's embroidery.  She scans those, too, and makes them available for our use.  And so much more!  All in all, Q is for Quilter is a delightful blog to visit.

Every month Martha makes an apron from vintage fabrics and offers it to one person who reads and comments on her blog regularly.  The aprons for June -- yes, there are two! -- look like this and are made from a vintage table cloth.  Oh, the creativity!

Aren't they beautiful?  They're even more fabulous in person.  I know because I was the lucky winner this month!

Her photo really doesn't do justice to the details in the full-length apron.  There is the perfectly-stitched green trim and those little triangles on the sides - that the photograph misses.  I tried to take some photos to share but the weather's been cloudy and they didn't come out clear enough to post.  You'll have to take my word for it that these are gorgeous aprons.

I hope you'll visit Q is for Quilter and take a look around.  And if you'd like to read a little more about Martha, go to Lori's post about her visit with Martha at Humble Quilts.

Thank you, Martha.  I am beyond pleased and grateful for your generous gift of these two beautiful aprons.



  1. I'm so pleased you liked the aprons, Nancy, and thank you so much for all your nice comments.

  2. Congratulations, Nancy, they are indeed beautiful - I'm thrilled you won because I know how much you'll appreciate them. That's obvious in your post and I will go over to Martha's blog :)

  3. Martha is the best isn't she!? I always love seeing her posts in my blog reader :-) congratulations on winning one of her lovely aprons!! xo


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