Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dear Little Red and Green Blocks . . .

Dear Little Blocks,
    I am sorry I had to remove you from the floor, place you in a stack, and put you away.  We have toddler grandchildren coming into town who might have walked  all over you, crumpling and creasing you. I know you wouldn't want that and I know it would have happened because you were in a corner of the most-used room in our house beside the area where they play.  I will (probably) pull you out again later and you will become a quilt.  You are safe from little hands and feet and can rest your threads for a while.  Take care.

Those who live without a design wall learn to make do.  I have a 36" x 48" bulletin board that I sometimes use but it's not big enough for a whole quilt.  I also have a section of wall where I can tape a limited number of blocks.  And I have the floor.  Usually I can leave blocks on the floor for a few weeks, if necessary, but not over the holidays or when visitors come.  No matter, it all works out in the end.  Blocks are arranged, stitched into tops, then quilted.  All's well that ends well.

Who knows how long these little blocks will rest in the closet.  One of these days I'll get back to them.  Probably.


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