Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Not Procrastination

I usually work without a pattern, making up my own as I go along.  It's fun but it's also challenging.  Sometimes I procrastinate move slowly when I'm not sure I can succeed.  But yesterday, after not getting around to it for several weeks, I finally stitched together a pieced side-setting triangle.  And I think I succeeded!

In fact, maybe I over-succeeded.  This half-block turned out at least an inch deeper than it needs to be.  I tell myself that's okay because I can always trim part away but I would have to sew another triangle if it were too small.

Here it is in comparison to a full block folded in half.  It's big, huh?

In the last post about this quilt Rebecca Grace of Cheeky Cognoscenti asked what size I want the quilt to be.  (Thank you, Rebecca Grace.)  That's not usually my first consideration but I get around to it as I lay out blocks.  In this case, asking that question was really important because I have more than 40 blocks and will add sashing.  So I spent some time this week calculating size options with the blocks I have.  (The blocks will finish at 9 1/2" which means they'll measure 13 1/2" on the diagonal.)

I thought about making the sashing narrow (above) so I could use more blocks but I decided I like the wider sashing better.  (In the photo above you can see that overly-large side-setting triangle on the left.)

So I'm back to wider sashing and fewer blocks which will make a twin-size quilt.

Don't those side-setting triangles look great?  (The ones in the photo are just whole blocks folded in half.)  I think the quilt wants them. . . .   But I'm not sure I want to make them.  If I choose this layout and use pieced setting triangles I will need to cut and piece 19 more side setting triangles!  And I'll have 12 blocks left over.  Decisions, decisions.

Once again I have to get these blocks up off the floor because my grandbabies, daughters, and son-in-law are coming to visit.  On Friday.  How much can I get done by Friday?  I know I can't cut and stitch 19 side-setting triangles AND cut sashing and cornerstones AND sew them all together.  If only I didn't procrastinate move so slowly. . . .

On another topic, there's still time to link up to Quilty Inspiration #1.  Or come back on Sunday and link to Quilty Inspiration #2.

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  1. What great looking blocks! Love your color combo.

  2. Slow and steady - it will eventually all come together. You have come so far, the end is close!

  3. I know this feeling! Indecisions stops me in my tracks every time. I like the setting triangle but I understand not wanting to make more when you already have blocks you won't use. I guess I am not much help here at all! Good luck!

  4. I like this layout with the side triangles. Could you bring yourself to cut the leftover blocks up to use for some of the side triangles? Then you wouldn't have so many side triangles to make. And no leftover blocks you'd have to decide what to do with.


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