Friday, September 18, 2015

Puckered Up - A Hand Quilting Problem

Hand quilting was going along smoothly until I quilted into the border.  Then the puckering began.  (The white line is masking tape used as my guide.)
puckers on hand quilted border

This is the first time it's happened -- that my stitches have puckered the fabric in the border.  But then this is the first time I've quilted a border on the diagonal.  I'm using the same "tension" on these stitches as I used on the center of the quilt where there was no puckering.  I'm using a hoop in which I begin with the fabric tight but after I get the knot buried I loosen the hoop so the fabric has some give.  And I'm not pulling the thread tight.

Should I be concerned about the puckering?  If I don't take out the stitches what will the finished quilt look like?  Maybe I should not quilt on the bias in the border.  I originally intended to quilt straight lines parallel to the edges of the quilt.  Maybe there was some wisdom in that.  If any of you have knowledge to share about this problem, please leave a comment.  I would be grateful.

I'm quilting on this string quilt.  I so need to finish it so I can get on to the quilt for new grandbaby.  Do you dislike interruptions and quilting problems as much as I do?

scrappy string quilt

I hope you have a great weekend.



  1. I have been advised to stitch/baste fabric to the border edges so the top fills the hoop for quilting. Once the border is quilted, the extra fabric is then removed, but it keeps the tension even across the top in the hoop. If you have only backing and batting in one part of the hoop, and backing, batting and top in the rest of the hoop then the tension may not be equal, which could lead to puckering. Hope this makes sense and is helpful.

    I enjoy your blog.

  2. I wonder if stitching the very outside edge of the top to the wadding and backing would help to keep all the layers in place and reduce puckering? The stabilising stitches would be hidden by the binding. And yes I hate having my flow interrupted by stitching issues and the like, especially when there is a deadline! Lovely quilt by the way ☺


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