Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pinned to Sew

These are all the parts I need to make 19 pieced setting triangles

like the one below.

Sometimes I don't bother to pin pieces together but in these blocks the placement of triangles and squares are a little more particular.  (I've had to unsew more than a couple of times.)  I don't mind pinning.  It's something I can do while watching the news or talking with my husband.

I'm not usually a counter but because these seem to be taking a long time to finish, I counted.  Each triangle has 21 pieces and 19 seams.  (A whole block has 37 pieces and 36 seams.)  I was thinking the other day how some blocks have lots of pieces and seams, others are fairly simple.  Maybe I'll chose a simple block for the next quilt.

I have a Dieter's Tip for you:  Avoid the flu.  It's a speedy way to lose a few pounds but it's also a miserable way to lose them.  I would recommend almost any other method than the flu.  (Perhaps the flu is why it seems to be taking me so long to get these triangles together.)

Healthy days and happy quilting to you.

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  1. Ugh! The flu is NO fun! And I hate that it interferes with our quilting. ;-) I'm not feeling well right now either (not the flu, thankfully), and it's really slowing down my hand quilting ... and I'm NOT happy. ha!


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