Sunday, November 8, 2015

Two Off

I began sewing the rows in this quilt last night.  It wasn't until I stopped to look closely at it today that I realized . . . those little gold (what used to be) triangles on the lower right and upper left are no longer triangles.

I don't know yet how closely I'll cut the edges -- whether they'll go to the center of the red and white blocks or whether I'll let them extend as wide as they are now -- but if I want to leave them wide I'd certainly like the gold triangles at the edges to be symmetrical.  They can either be square and the red and white blocks can extend further, or they can be triangles and the red and white blocks will be cut.

The gold triangles/rectangles along the edge of this quilt will be two off (if I elect to keep the side-setting triangles the size they are now) because those blocks have already had parts cut off and I'm not going to remake them.  I can live with imperfect (sometimes).  But then again, maybe I'll cut those blocks back so nothing is amiss along the edge.

This quilt has become such an experiment, and an experience, too.  This is my third quilt with sashing and I've learned something from each of them. 

I hope you are having (or had) a relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday.


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