Sunday, January 31, 2016

Circles on Star

For Slow Sunday Stitching I'll be attaching these circles.

I'll work on a second block if I finish this one.

I'm linking to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.  Today she wrote about staying the course when making a quilt.  It's so much easier for me when I love the quilt I'm working on -- the blocks, the fabric, the colors, etc.  When I'm hesitant or not completely committed to what I'm doing, it's easier to lay it aside.  Sometimes I make sample blocks and can't quite commit to making more.  Those are easy to lay aside.  And I have a few quilt tops that I finished that I either don't love or marginally like.  Those are left in the stack when it comes time to choose the next quilt to finish.

Moving from one project to another is so much more interesting for blog readers, though.  There's always something new and interesting to see when quilt bloggers move between projects.

Unfortunately for you, my dear readers, I'm staying the course with these star blocks -- at least for now.  It might be agonizing for you readers to see so many variations on the theme of stars on scrappy backgrounds.  Perhaps it will take more endurance for you than for me to finish this quilt.  Thank you for reading!

Thanks to Kathy for hosting Slow Sunday Stitching.



  1. Nicely done. I like most any quilt block that involves circles.

  2. Keep the posts coming Nancy! It's good to follow your quilt growing in real time ☺

  3. This quilt is wonderful, so it should be easy to "stay the course". I love the scrappy backgrounds for the stars... so fun!

  4. No need to apologize - this is what quilting, particularly hand quilting, is all about. And it's fun to see your new and changing fabric combinations.


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