Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Applique Repair

Cutting a hole in the front of an already-appliqued piece of fabric isn't a disaster (at least not on the scale of an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane) but it felt like a catastrophe to me.  It was the first time I'd done it.  (You can see the hole in this post.)

I repaired the hole and here's the finished block.  As one of my readers commented, a scrappy pieced circle works with the scrappy pieced backround.
applique repair on scrap quilt
I cut the original center circle from the last small scrap I had of that checked fabric, just trimming the corners off to use it.  For the repair I chose fabric as similar to the original as I could find from fabric on my shelves.  The repair itself is decently okay, and it wasn't really too hard to accomplish.  I'm especially grateful I didn't have to replace the whole circle with no fabric behind to support it except for a 1/4" edge.

That block was part of my progress (then regress, then progress) this week.  The rest of my progress includes some of the blocks below.
appliqued stars with circles on scrappy backgrounds
My cumulative total of stitched blocks is 20 but I can't remember how many I've done this month.  I think I started the month with a few already stitched. 

I have 16 blocks that still need circles stitched onto them.  (One is missing from the photo below: it's in progress in another room and missed the photo shoot.)
appliqued stars with circles on scrappy backgrounds
I'm still moving the circles around a bit.  The colors look different depending on the light -- morning, afternoon, night, sunny day, cloudy day, etc. 

I think I'm on track to finish these circles by the end of the month (barring any catastrophes).

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  1. What a lovely patch job you did!!! I love it! It matches the scrappy backgrounds, indeed. You can play "I spy" when you show off your finished quilt. "Can you find the star with the patch?" Since you did such a wonderful job of matching fabric it will be hard to find. What a fun game! I can just picture kids and grandkids all snuggled up under the quilt...and everytime they use it they say..."now let's find the patchy star". It's going to be a beautiful, cozy quilt. Can't wait to see it finished! :)

  2. I like your repair - it suits the quilt perfectly. A little bit of embroidery might have done the trick too and added a little interest, but this is ideal.


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