Sunday, February 21, 2016

More Stars

I finished appliqueing circles on stars on Friday so moved on to this quilt.  It's interesting:  my day just doesn't seem complete without a needle and thread in my hand for at least a few minutes.

I started with red thread on the stars and white on the light backgrounds.  But now I've changed to a pale brown that blends with/almost disappears on both.  But I'm still considering whether to use the brown or use red on red, green, and blue fabric and cream on light fabric.  Either way, I'll stick with a light color on the center stars.  (My hand quilting is not good enough yet to use dark thread on light fabric.)

The other thing I wonder with this quilt is whether outlining the star points is enough quilting.  The square toward the center of each quarter is 2" finished.  (I wonder about these things because I'm still relatively new to hand quilting.)  I'm using Soft 'n' Crafty 80% cotton/20% poly which suggests 2"-4" quilting distance.  I think it should be fine to quilt the star points the way I'm doing it, right?  I guess I'll know after washing and drying the quilt.

I stitch first, then photograph later, which explains the not-so-great photos taken with a flash. 

I'm linking this post to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.  Click over to see the hand stitching others are doing today.

I hope you're having a restful Sabbath today.



  1. Like you, I always fret over thread choices, knowing my hand quilting is less than perfect. Honestly, I think that you should just enjoy the process and not be hard on yourself. Do whatever makes your heart sing.

  2. I tend to match my thread colour to my backing fabric as my stitches on the back are even less even than the ones on the quilt top! A mix of thread colour is working for you so stick with that scheme and enjoy.

  3. You're doing great! The main thing is to enjoy the process.


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