Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Scrappy Leftover Blocks

I surprised myself and worked on three different quilts today.  Amazing!  But I'm just showing photos of one in this post.

These are the scrappy leftover blocks from the star quilt, both backgrounds and cut-outs from the circles.  I'm just playing.  Maybe a smaller circle in this position.... 
The colored strips finish at 3/4".  They are so narrow because I'm cutting them from collars and cuffs of upcycled shirts and blouses.  The color range is across the pink/peach/apricot/coral range/rose.

These blocks are stitched (four of them) but the circles are not sewn because I'm still playing with arrangements.  I'll make more blocks before choosing if and/or where to place the circles.

In the off chance I decide not to applique circles I used center squares in darker fabrics in the coral/red/rose/pink range.

I enjoy this part of the quilt-creating process, this playing.  It's fun to see what happens when elements are changed and blocks are moved around.  I have so many light scraps.  I hope I can use most of them for these blocks.

There's nothing like photographs to show what my eyes don't naturally see -- like the dark cream fabric that runs horizontally on the left, then skips a space, then appears on the left side of the upper right block again.  They're not stitched so I can rearrange one of those two blocks.  I suppose, though, that after a whole quilt was together, one would not specifically notice things like that.  But maybe....

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  1. What a fun way to play! I like where this is going. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. I adore your blocks. Scrappy is the best way to go! And there is no better way to play that this kind of play that gets the creative juices flowing! Thank you for sharing.

  3. These wee blocks are so delicate looking, looks like a lot of work but lots of fun too.
    Cheers Glenda

  4. Absolutely love the subtle colors and the clever way you have used scraps and recycled shirts. It's going to be gorgeous!


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