Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Little Plaid Baskets - September #BraveQuilter

To tell the truth:
  • The background fabric and these baskets sat on my ironing board all month where I could see them.  
  • As I was busily working on other things I would think, I'll work on those when ________ is finished.  That is to say, I thought about them but didn't do much with them.
  • The immediate need for a hand project had passed because I layered my grandson's quilt and began hand quilting that.
  • I forgot that I'd claimed choosing backgrounds for these baskets for my #BraveQuilter project until Julie announced that the link-up would open.  I saw her post and thought, Did I claim to do something for that this month?  Sure enough....
  • Despite not sewing a stitch on these blocks I felt brave working on the border for my Gwenny medallion quilt.  (It just happened that it wasn't my goal for this link-up.)

When I looked again at the post stating my September goal for #BraveQuilter I realized that it was very vague:  "My 'brave' this month will be pushing myself to use something other than a pale neutral background on at least one or two of these blocks."  

All that being said, I suppose I can't honestly say I met my goal.  But I'm linking up anyway because, though not a stitch was taken nor a decision made, I played with backgrounds.

The baskets on these backgrounds (in this photo and the one above) both look very graphic to me.  The backgrounds behind the baskets are prints but the prints mostly disappear in the photos.

While I wouldn't place the baskets in this arrangement (below) I photographed them this way to see how the colors would play with the "grey" background fabric.

Three in a row is interesting.  That grey plaid basket disappears on these backgrounds.

This is the same arrangement with a change in the outside fabrics.  I have a stack of a dozen or so more fabric possibilities for baskets, backgrounds, sashing, and flowers.

The same grey backgrounds, just separated by "sashing."

I don't have a "vision" for a quilt made from these baskets so it makes it harder to make a decision.  I do have the idea of flowers in the baskets.  I have two other baskets cut out and their edges are basted but they didn't get into the photos.

Sometimes I wonder what it is about me that prevents me from just buying a pattern and using it for applique blocks.  After all, there are plenty of designers who have created beautiful shapes and arrangements for quilts, better than I will ever do.  And yet, I just keep doing my own shapes....

So that's my #bravequilter effort for September.  (And I've proven to myself that three goals for one month is beyond my ability to accomplish -- at least when two involve creative decisions.)

I'm linking up with Julie's #BraveQuilter end-of-month post at Pink Doxies.  Thanks for hosting, Julie.


P.S.  If you have any opinions or thoughts about these plaid baskets and background colors, I'd be happy to read your thoughts.


  1. I, too, get bogged down with quilting decisions. What if I use this color? How about that one? So I usually resort to asking my husband and then do the opposite of what he states. Works like a charm. I don't think you could go wrong with any of the colored backgrounds you've shown. Gray background are very trendy right now.

    1. Thanks for your comments and input on these baskets and backgrounds, Tu-Na. It occurred to me this morning that I could make two quilts with different backgrounds, different color ranges. Maybe....

      It's funny you ask your husband's opinion and do the opposite.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment. I appreciate it.

  2. I really like the grey-ish backgrounds for the baskets, but you are right--the one basket disappears. Do you have more baskets that color? If you used the grey backgrounds and sashed with a bright color, I think a darker grey or even a light brown here and there for background on a lighter colored basket might add visual interest. Just another idea to play with. : )

    1. Hi, Janet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the baskets and backgrounds in the photos. Looking at them again I like the grey/dusty backgrounds, too. Those are an unusual color -- not exactly grey, not exactly tan, or brown. I have several darker fabrics that may work with them but nothing midway between the light ones in the photos and the darker ones. I'll have to look around and see what I can find.

      I really need to get a vision of how these baskets will become a quilt or be used in a quilt. It's time for me to make a few sketches.

      At this point I've cut out 6 baskets: the 4 in the photos and two greens in somewhat muted tones.

      Thanks again for sharing your ideas.

  3. I especially like the photo with two baskets sitting on their bottoms and the third basket centered above them standing on its head (on the multiple gray backgrounds). The reason you don't go with a pattern is that you need the designs to be your own original thoughts - not the copycat results of someone else's thought process. Enjoy the muddling - it's all part of the plan.

    1. Hi, Julie. I think it's a fun photo but I didn't imagine placing them that way in a quilt--until your comment. This morning when I was waking up my mind starting playing with that arrangement. So who knows, maybe the baskets will be arranged with handles together.

      You are right, I guess, that I need to put my own original ideas into fabric instead using someone else's. I often think how easy it would be just to buy a pattern but I know I would change it anyway.

      Muddling is a good word to describe what I do when creating a quilt. The ideas are all muddy until they become clear. Ha ha.

  4. I think it's actually brave of you to say all you have. Often we have projects that take time to 'stew' for lack of better word. It's not quite clear what they need, but we know it's something better. It's not my place to say if you've met your goal or not, but I will applaud you for not just plowing through to get it done for a finish. I do hope you keep moving things around to see what happens, and find something you like best.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Julie. I need to just play with these baskets and backgrounds, and other quilt elements, now that I don't feel pressure from other commitments. I'm confident those baskets will find their place.

      Thanks for hosting #bravequilter.

  5. I actually like the layout with the three baskets in a row. Then when you said you were adding flowers, I imagined laying some of the flowers behind or in front of the baskets, like they are laying on the table, waiting to be put into the basket arrangements. You don't need a pattern. You are too creative for that. Maybe just look at patterns for inspiration!

    1. Hi, Sally. I haven't done anything on those baskets other than imagine possibilities. I tell myself that I could make two quilts, two colorways, but still they sit. Not that I haven't been doing other things, just not those baskets. When I'm done with hand quilting I'm sure the need for handwork will motivate me to make a decision.

      Your suggestion of flowers on the table is one I'll think about as I consider how to move forward.

      Thank you for the thought that I'm creative. I appreciate that.

  6. I prefer the harvest color backgrounds. If you add mums, dahlias and toad lilies as flowers, it would be colorful!

    1. Thanks for saying your preference, Annette. I haven't decided yet: I have a hand work project at the moment so I'm not hurrying to work on these, but they're in the back of my mind. As I approach the end of the quilt I'm quilting I'll narrow my focus and decide which fabrics to use and how to put them together.

      I had to look up toad lilies because I didn't know what they were. I laughed when I saw them: I've never seen polka-dotted flowers before. How very fun they are.


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