Saturday, May 6, 2017

Quilting in the Dark

The sky has been thick with clouds for days.  The raindrops would glisten if there were the least ray of sunshine but it's been dark, dark, dark.  It's hard to see details on the greyest of days and turning on an electric light helps but not to see a fabric's true colors or how it will play with other fabrics.

I should not have waited until this week to choose fabrics for my Cheri Payne Baskets of Plenty block 4.

Colors in the photos below are somewhat close to accurate but none are the true colors.

This little basket will have a border of triangles along its top, hence the fabric strip.

There are three or four flower shapes, several leaves, and a bird for use in this block. 

Maybe it will be a star-shaped flower unless the star moves to the basket.  Right now it's all play -- elements, colors, fabrics, and placement of all the elements.  Anything's possible.

The sun came out today for a few minutes but I missed the chance to photograph.  Tomorrow's a day of rest but it looks like sunshine is predicted for Monday:  I won't have to quilt in the dark.  It'll be a good day to decide fabric and colors.

I hope you've had sunny days.



  1. I agree, light is so important. I'm always turning on lights overhead and bringing my Ott light tableside. My husband installed overhead LED lights above my quilting frames thankfully. This new basket block has so many possibilities. I'm curious to see what you finally come up with.

    1. Hi, Robin. I like natural light best but I've heard Ott lights are really good. I don't have one but maybe one of these days. It's great that you have lots of light over your frames. It sure helps.

      I think this basket block had more pieces than any of the other three, so more possibilities for play. I just posted my finished block today. Always wondering about other possibilities, though.

  2. It might have been dark, but it looks good to me! Maybe a sunnier picture today. We haz sunshines here in E. TN!

    1. Thanks, Susan. We did have two sunny days but the block wasn't finished so I still don't have a good photograph. I think the next bright day we have I'll photograph again and put a better photo in the post with the finished block.

      Good for you that the sun's shining in your area! Enjoy it. It was strange that we had nearly no snow in Ohio this winter while so many other places had terrific snowstorms. Now I wonder if we'll have a cloudier than usual spring and summer while other places get lots of sun. I like rainy and cloudy days but I'm not so thrilled when they go on for weeks and weeks.

  3. Loving following your process with Cherie's blocks. We have had rain in downpours so gloomy here too. Craving the bright light of sun too.

    1. Thank you, Jocelyn. I enjoy rainy, gloomy days in moderation -- a few at a time, here and there, but when they come and stay for weeks I'm not such a fan.

  4. I've fallen woefully behind in seeing what you've been up to. Our days are almost sunny and with brilliant, cloudless skies - thus we are outside more than we are inside and my time at the computer suffers.
    You've probably finished your pretty block by now and I know your choices in fabric will be lovely. On one hand, the endless possibilities are so freeing, but on the other hand, I find that I am often unable to settle upon one that suits me. I think you have it right's fun to play and see what transpires.

    1. Don't worry about not reading my blog, Karin. I know you and your husband are very busy. I can't keep up with blog reading and I'm much less busy than you!

      I just looked back at that post. What a crazy post. It's hard to tell what I might have in mind with it. But yes, I did finish the block. I like it but wish I'd chosen a slightly darker background.

      I'm with you: the endless possibilities are sometimes endless and I'm still deciding when everyone else has finished their blocks. I mentioned to someone else that by the time I make a decision on some of these blocks I have enough pieces to make a second block. These are challenging but fun, too.


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