Sunday, December 31, 2017

On the Quilting Front in 2018

When it comes to creative endeavors I usually don't set specific goals, deadlines, or plan too much.  My creativity decreases the more pressured I feel, and deadlines definitely make me feel pressured. But I do make to-do lists, or hope-to-do-lists.  This year's list looks like this:

--> Make three quilt tops to the finished stage.  I have a few ideas shifting around in my mind and come Monday or Tuesday, I'll begin playing.  No commitment to size.

--> Layer and quilt at least three tops this year.   I have perhaps six that are awaiting backs and quilting.  The sad thing is that if quilt tops lay around here too long, I reconsider how they're put together and may take them apart and redo them.  Especially borders.

--> I'd especially like to get this top quilted (and it's one of the ones that may get a border change).

--> Finish my Baskets of Plenty quilt top, which will include choosing a layout, sashing, any additional applique, etc.

--> I may join Temacula Quilt Company's Scrappy Sew-Along.  Or another sew-along or two during the year (if I think I can finish it this year...).

--> Over the years I've collected lots of patterns from magazines and books plus other images that spark ideas or suggest colors.  They are in stacks and piles and I hope to sort and organize them this year.  I've collected them over the years but added to them recently when I found several dozen old "American Patchwork and Quilting" magazines (from the early 2000s) at our library book sale. 

I'm sure these things won't be the only quilty things I'll do this year, but they're a non-pressure start.

For my review of  2017 post, it's coming in a day or two.

2018 Planning Party

I'm linking this post to JETgirl's 2018 Planning Party. Click the image to visit her blog and find links to others who have joined the planning party.  Thanks for hosting, Yvonne.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up. I hope you have a lot of quilting joy in 2018. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for creating the link-up and hosting it, Yvonne. It's been fun to see what others have in the works for 2018.


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