Monday, May 28, 2018

Re: Blogger's Email Notification Changes

Have any of you bloggers who use Google's Blogspot noticed that you're not receiving email notices of comments?  I'm fairly certain it has to do with the E.U.'s GDPR requirements.  It bothers me just a little that U.S. citizens must follow E.U. laws even though people who know more than I do tell me it's a good thing for privacy.

Unless Blogger reverses their settings for comments, we will have to check blog posts for comments and leave our responses there.  But it makes me sad.  Without the email notices we don't have any easy way to respond to comments directly, and therefore no back and forth chat, no knowing if a blogger responded to a comment, no socialization/connection with each other now.

I comment on too many blogs to return to each one to see if you responded to my comment.  My solution for now is to include my email address if any of you want to respond to one of my comments directly.  

What's your plan for your own blog?  As far as comments on this blog, if you'd like a direct response, please leave your email address (in some for or another).  Thanks!



  1. I've noticed these changes as well and I am at a loss as to how best to move forward. It's frustrating because if a reader takes the time to read and comment, I certainly want to reply. I hope that Blogger is able to remedy this issue in a timely manner.

    1. I agree, Karin, we want to reply without a readier having to come back to our blogs to see what we've written. I would never remember to revisit the blogs where I left comments, or sometimes, even remember which ones they were. And the way they have it set now doesn't make it easy to carry on conversations behind the scenes, unless commenters leave email address. I guess we'll have to "make do" and hope for changes.

      On your dashboard in blogger there is a "Send Feedback" box on the lower right. Perhaps if enough of us send feedback asking for changes they'll do something?

  2. I wrote about this too and am very unhappy with this change. I llove writing my blog and responding personally to comments. I enjoy the follow up conversations with old friends and the joy of making new friends. For now , like you I will respond on the blog posts. It's laborious to then transfer to email, I have not figured this out.
    Perhaps we can express our dismay to Blogger?


    1. Hi, Lizzy. Yes, be sure to click the "feedback" link on the lower right when you're on your blogger dashboard. I think many bloggers don't know about the change and just think their readers aren't responding.

      I know two of us (amongst millions?) who have given feedback. It seems like they could have created a little "opt in" checkbox for those leaving comments. Or something....

      The E.U.'s GPDR has brought about too many changes, some that make a mess of things.


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