Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mental Progress - W.i.P. Wednesday

I can't stand long enough to cut fabric for blocks and I can't sit and sew at the sewing machine, both as per doctor's orders.  But I can imagine and draw and play.

One of my challenges is that I become bored pretty easily.  If I had to cut and sew the exact same block with the exact same fabrics 48 times, I couldn't do it.  The quilt would go into the donation box or become an eternal UFO.  But sewing 48 of the same block using different fabrics, even if they are the same colors, is not a problem.  I enjoy scrap quilts.

One of the drawings above may become my next quilt project.  Imagine the Greek Crosses (without the triangle corners) in reds and creams/creamy yellows.  Maybe.

But then maybe that block on the bottom with the narrow little strips between the four-patches could be fun.  I have lots of 1" strips that were donated by some other quilter to a recycle center. Maybe the squares should be larger.  In a variety of similar-colored plaids.  Or....

There are so many options, and so much time to think about them.  Four and a half more weeks.

I'm still quilting the String-X so at least my hands are involved in quilts in one way or another.

I'm participating W.i.P. Wednesday at freshly pieced.


  1. Oh that is a bummer that you can't do much of anything! I hope that you are ok & can get stuck in to all of it soon. The red fabrics are great! Good luck with your crosses!

  2. Good luck for your recovery Nancy - I love the sound of the greek crosses quilt. That style of cross really appeals to my sense of proportion.


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