Friday, December 28, 2012

Small Finishes

I sometimes claim finishes in increments, especially if a large project has many small steps that can be completed in a bunch/batch.  These 4-patches and 3 1/2" squares are for Easy Street.  Since I don't start projects on Fridays, these finishes were the perfect work for today.

I've been cutting and sewing the 4-patches for 5 weeks.  I sewed a bunch the first week but didn't get them finished so I've been using them as leaders/enders.  I finally finished the last of the 192 today.

I've been cutting the teal/turquoise squares now and then over the past few weeks.  I just finished cutting 145th square tonight.

Hooray for small finishes!

I hope you're having fun tonight, whether it's sewing, quilting, or spending time with family and/or friends.


I'm linking this to
-Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday (TGIFF), hosted this week by Shanna at Sparrow in Flight.  Thanks for hosting, Shanna.
-Friday Night Sew-In, hosted by Heidi of Handmade by Heidi.  Thanks, Heidi!


  1. I really like your idea of small finishes, and your blocks for Easy Street are going to tie into the the next step perfectly. I wanted to join the Easy Street Mystery, but I was too many steps late to catch up. I'll enjoy watching yours, though. I've added you to my sidebar sewing list and am a new follower.

    Thanks for visiting CollectInTexas Gal and commenting on my Featherweight post. What a bargin you got with your $2.50 Singer...Featherweight or not...what a deal!

  2. I LOVE those teals paired with your 4-patches - it's going to be gorgeous! My Easy Street has stalled over the holidays. Haven't touched my machine in over a week. I am beginning to show signs of withdrawal! :)


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