Friday, January 18, 2013

Layering a Quilt

A softly printed off-white fabric for the back, plus
a Mountain Mist Cream Rose double sized bat

plus a 72" x 90" Sunday Morning quilt top
will become my younger daughter's quilt when finished.
She liked this pattern and wanted a cotton bat.

I stitched the pieces for the back together tonight.  I hope to layer and baste the quilt tomorrow.  My husband wonders how I will do it.  I wonder, too.  My  layout area is my living room floor.

I had foot surgery in October which was mostly healed.  But two weeks ago I started having a different pain in my foot.  The doctor tells me that if I don't rest and elevate my foot, I will have a stress fracture.   Nearly three months of rest with an elevated foot has been a long time.  I've read books and blogs, researched on the internet (all sitting with my foot elevated), stitched at the sewing machine a little, watched a few movies and when the doctor finally said I could go out, very carefully went to the thrift store and the grocery store.  Can I tell you that I'm bored?  I want my body and my mobility back!

I believe I could have had this quilt quilted if I'd been able to get it layered and basted before the surgery.  Now that I have to rest for 3 more weeks, I know I could get a good start on quilting it -- if I can only get it basted.  How much do you think my husband will help me with it tomorrow?  He will probably -- very kindly and generously -- help me smooth the layers out on the floor.  But I know he will not pin.  Do you think I can sit on the floor and pin-baste it?  Or can I bend over and do it?  We'll see. 

I'm looking forward to hand-quilting with this Cream Rose bat after reading a review at The Tulip Patch.  She says it shrinks more than some other cotton bats but, to be honest, I was concerned that this quilt was a little too large.  I hope it will be the perfect size after it's washed.  Lucy at Quilting with the Past said Cream Rose is very easy to quilt, which is just what I need as a newish hand quilter.  I'll report back later.

Happy stitching!


  1. Nancy...I have a solution. QuiltALottie does BASTING...Yep...she and I can baste a quilt for hand quilting in a couple of hours without putting one knee on the floor or sticking fingers with safety pins. And all it will cost you is shipping to Texas and then back to you!

    The quilt is layered on the machine and then loooong stitches are stitched across the quilt about 5-8 inches apart. The stitches are easy to clip and remove when you are finished hand quilting. You can quilt it in a hoop or on the table or even mount it in a quilting frame.

    Email me at if you are interested. Pretty quilt!

  2. Thank you for letting me know about that service, Sue. I will remember it for a time when I'm not so anxious to begin. (Of course if I can't get it done tomorrow, I may email you sooner than later.)


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