Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ideas, Please?

Last week my daughter asked me if I could find a quilt at a thrift store for her husband to use at the Children's Garden where he's the horticulturist. I told her I'd look, but I haven't found one.  I haven't been quilting long enough to have a supply on hand to give away but I thought maybe I could make one.  (It doesn't help that he could use it now, but he'll use a quilt whenever he gets one.)  I rummaged around and found these blocks that I made 10 years ago.  The flowers were my first efforts in applique so I could join the Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee.  The others were leftovers from another quilt (which is still waiting to be quilted).

I don't really have time to make a quilt from scratch because of the High Five for Brenna that I'm determined to finish by the end of March, but I thought I might be able to work with one of the sets of blocks above and turn them into a small quilt.  But what to do with them and how?!  It has to be simple, of course.  Alternate plain and pieced or plain and appliqued blocks?  Set them in sashing?  What kind of sashing?  What colors would work for either of these sets of blocks?

The flower blocks will finish at 8 1/2", the churn dash blocks at 7 1/2".  The final quilt can be about baby size.  It's going on a wall so the children won't be bundling themselves up in it or putting it on the ground for a play picnic, but dirty hands will touch it so white/very light may not be the best option.

All ideas appreciated!

By the way, I'm making good progress on the High Five but I'm going to have to push myself to get it finished by the end of March, especially when there are two weeks I won't be able to work on it much (because my daughter will be home one week and I'll be working again the other).  Quilt, quilt, quilt...!

I'm linking this to W.i.P. Wednesday hosted on Freshly Pieced by Claire from Sewing Over Pins.  Thank you, Claire and Lee.

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  1. I think if I wanted to make something relatively quickly, using what's on hand I would find dark, masculine sashing to put between the churn dash blocks. Nice, chunky 2.5" strips will help you to get to a crib sized quilt. What a lucky son-in-law!!

  2. I agree, a dark sashing would look sharp and would allow you to get it pieced quickly so you can move on to the quilting right away. Perhaps small squares joining the sashing. The flower blocks are really lovely, and could be another wallhanging - perhaps the sashing for these can be pieced & scrappy. The flowers may be good candidates for 'big stitch' quilting we are seeing more of lately.

  3. I was going to post a suggestion, then read Heidi's - I can't better that suggestion!

  4. Both of your sets of blocks are SO appealing! I would take those churn dash blocks and alternate them with your flower blocks. Put in some sashing, and you've got a fun quilt for the garden! Wish I had beautiful blocks like yours sitting around my house!

  5. Those all look like great blocks to work with. And the suggestions above sound great, too. If you need it bigger you could alternate with some solid blocks of the same size.

  6. Both sets of blocks are lovely and would make a great wall hanging. Wish I were closer so that I could come play with them and help you decide. Perhaps you could set the flower blocks with a solid sashing. Maybe a cream and them add a dark border to make them almost look like a panel. If that's not big enough, add the churn dash blocks as a a border...maybe. I think they would work well together and bring out the pretty plaid fabrics. Let us know what you decide.


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