Monday, April 29, 2013

A Lovely Little Notion

I found this adorable little spool holder in Jinny Beyer's book, Quiltmaking by Hand, and fell in love with it.  I believe it is a very old one in her collection which means, of course, that one cannot buy a new one even if one wanted to own one.  I would love to hold it but I was almost as happy just to make a drawing of it to enjoy.

I love old sewing notions.  New ones, too, for that matter, but especially the old ones.  It doesn't necessarily mean that I want to own them all but I do enjoy looking at them, holding them, imagining using them.  When I go to a flea market or thrift store and find something I love, I carry it around as I shop all the while telling myself that I'm possessing it while I'm in the store:  it was "mine" for a few minutes, and then I let it go to someone else.  I can usually (though not always) talk myself out of purchases this way.

Let's face it, one of these days or years I'll die and my children will just have to pass on whatever's left.  No need to buy more for them to pass on.

Okay, I'm feeling a little better after this awful flu and could have photographed the Traveling Stash box today IF it had not been the greyest, rainiest day so far this spring.  I hope tomorrow will bring a little brightness and sunshine so I can take photos and post the box.  I need to move it from my house to one of your houses!



  1. I love old sewing notions also, like you, I can't buy them all but looking at them in books, online, etc.

  2. What a sweet sewing notion! I love your attitude about "things", Nancy. It's so true that many of the things we like will mean nothing to our children except clutter to manage. I have an elderly aunt (in her 80's) who wanted to clean all her closets so she wouldn't leave a lot of clutter for her daughter to deal with.


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