Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Week I've Been . . .

 . . . sewing more blocks for Sunday Morning.  I have 70 finished; 30 ready to be cut; and 14 more in progress.  My blocks are 8" before sewing, slightly smaller than the ones in Sunday Morning.  It's been a while since I've worked on this quilt.  I'll have to recalculate the size I want the quilt and how many blocks I'll need.

. . . playing with the leftover blocks from Easy Street.  There's a little (maybe a lot!) too much red in this photo.  The blocks are laying on my ironing board which has a reddish cover.  I don't know how I'll put these blocks together but it sure is fun to play with them. 

. . . and stitching together this top and layering it.  Now that it's all laid out it looks like I'll have to cut some batting off one side and add it to one end.  I suppose I should do that before I pin pin-baste the layers together.  I hope to have it ready to begin hand quilting tomorrow.

That's been my week.  It sure is nice to have more than one project in the works again.  I was getting tired of posting photos of High Five for Brenna every week!

It you want to see what some things other bloggers have been working on this week, click over to W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  Join in if you'd like.  Thanks for hosting, Lee.



  1. Sunday Morning is one of my favorite quilt books ever. I love the low volume quilt pattern and your blocks are on track to make a fabulous quilt.

    1. I have grown to like low volume quilts, too. I didn't realize that I'd thought about them before, but the other morning I remembered a dresden plate I'd made about five years ago in all whites and off-whites. I didn't like it then but I'm going to pull it out again and see what I think now.

  2. Sunday morning is so fabulous. I love that book!

  3. So it looks like I need to put another book on my list. :)

    It IS fun to play around with extra blocks. Looking forward to seeing what you settle on!

    You got your flower garden quilt just right! Well done!

  4. Wow! The garden quilt came together so nicely! I'm also a fan of the Sunday Morning Quilts book, so much inspiration. Happy sewing!

  5. I think it needs a lot of patience to do quilting. I like your work, future heirlooms.

    1. For me it needs so much patience because I'm so slow at it! Thank you for your words and visiting, Titania.


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